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Gel UV Facial at True Med

When a teenager asks what skincare you use you know you’re doing something right.

Recently I was helping a friend’s daughter with her common app essay for college. As a “retired” English teacher, I am asked to do things like that on the reg. As Sydney and I sat side by side in front of her Macbook Pro perusing her essay, she exclaimed, “seriously, what do you use on your skin? It’s like, perfect.” As I picked my jaw off the floor, aghast at such a compliment, I replied, “I just had a gel facial with UV light and I use ZO products every single day.”

Let’s skip to the good part, the scalp massage put me in a state of sheer bliss. Euphoria might be the more appropriate word. So much so that I almost fell asleep – and I am a seasonned insomniac so that is no small feat. Who knew that someone playing with your hair could be so

soothing and therapeutic? Someone should tell my husband . . . but I digress.

The facial began with a microdermabrasion. The blade caused me to do a double take, bit it was utterly painless

Then the gel mask the UV light . . . .

I felt lifted, youthful, and GLOWING. Skin like glass. I will be back to True Med again and again and again.

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