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Wellness with True Med--30 Days In

My experience began with a thoughtful and thorough consultation with Shelley Christ, (DNP, PMHNP) Doctor of Nursing Practice and Medical Director of True Med. It was a warm, friendly, customized, and curated experience. My blood work being examined by a medical professional was important to me, and she designed a wellness program for me that would ensure the best results in the healthiest way. Shelley and Tristen focused on wellness, not weight loss. Inches, not pounds.

And for the first time in my life I started to look at my wellness journey differently.

Here’s a bit of my backstory. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. The word “moderation” is not in my vocabulary. So, for the last 30 or more years I have either starved myself, counted every calorie, given up every carb, OR eaten whatever I want whenever I want. I am the kind of person who will not simply go for a jog; I train for a marathon or I do not run at all. Drinks? Well, let's go hard or go home! Not exactly a healthy mentality, right?

But in listening to Tristen and the staff at True Med, I began to see a new way to look at my body, weight loss, nutrition, and exercise. I decided not to give up anything entirely, but to allow myself to eat ice cream when I wanted it or a bagel on a Sunday morning with my son for breakfast. I began to eat more slowly, thus, allowing me to enjoy food more. Instead of eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's every night, I eat small amounts much less frequently.

The results are astounding. I don’t feel deprived. I don’t berate myself if I eat bread or sugar or any of the foods I had demonized in the past.

So I feel less anxious and upset about food, and I’ve lost both pounds and inches. Thanks to Tristen, and my personalized plan, I have been making good progress to look and feel better in my skin. After just one month, I have lost 10 pounds – all without following a strict diet. I have also lost several inches around my waist and torso.

But it’s the “non-scale victories” that have made even more of an impact than the weight loss. For example, I swear the day after my vitamin shot I had waaaay more energy at boot camp! I was crushing it! The energy boost that I felt was significant and made my workout all the more functional and worthwhile. BodyTone has made my core stronger so I am able to improve the overall quality of my workouts. My clothes fit better which makes me feel more comfortable in

my skin all day long. BodySculpt has literally melted stubborn fat away from my belly which has made me feel even more motivated to eat well and work out regularly. My mood has improved. My coping mechanisms have grown as I have moved away from food as a comforter and toward wellness and exercise as a way to deal with stress. Having an accountability partner in Tristen has been a game changer! I feel more motivated than ever to get in the best shape of my life because of the advice, products, and services that I have received at True Med. I cannot wait to see what will happen next!

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