Spa Treatments

What Spa Treatments are available at True Medical Aesthetics? 
  • Back Facial 

  • Clarifying Acne Facial 

  • Gentleman's Facial 

  • Purely Maintenance Facial 

  • True Glow Facial 

  • Truly Age Defying Facial 

What is our Back Facial?

This therapeutic treatment includes a deep cleansing and exfoliation of the back with manual extractions as needed. Followed with steam and a relaxing massage, this is the perfect treatment to unwind and pamper those hard to reach areas!

What is our Clarifying Acne Facial?

Our Clarifying Acne Facial provides the ultimate deep cleanse to remove dirt and sebum from clogged pores. Steam is used to loosen the debris in congested pores before manual extractions are performed. Following extractions, high frequency and blue light therapy are used to calm any inflammation and eliminate any acne causing bacteria. 

What is our Gentleman's Facial?

We believe that everyone deserves to be pampered. Allow our Esthetician to create a customized treatment specifically designed to meet the needs of any man looking to feel and look their best! Soothe and repair any inflammation caused by shaving or razor burn, deep clean those pores and exfoliate your skin, providing manual extractions as needed, followed by a relaxing face and shoulder massage.

What is our Purely Maintenance Facial?

Prolong the results from your medical treatments with a customized facial following your series of medical treatments. Whether you have purchased a package of microneedling, laser or other medical facial series here at True Medical Aesthetics, we offer maintenance facials with our Esthetician at a discounted rate to make sure you get the most out of every treatment we offer. 

What is our True Glow Facial?

Improve skin tone, texture, hydration and enhance your skin’s natural glow with the True Glow Facial. A deep exfoliation is performed for better product penetration and increased cell turnover. A stimulating facial massage is performed followed by a customized skin brightening and hydrating mask to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion. 

What is our Age Defying Facial?

Go back in time and prevent future aging with our Truly Age Defying Facial. Using a combination of physical exfoliation, red light therapy, high frequency and a contouring massage, this facial is preventative, tightening and sculpting for clients of any age or skin elasticity. 

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