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Botox Injections


Our Services

At True Medical Aesthetics, we use a holistic approach to beauty and wellness in order to treat our clients with cutting-edge, transformative, and individual-focused techniques. We believe in the importance of our clients feeling beautiful from the inside out, which is why we offer treatments ranging from cosmetic to full bodily wellness. 

Our Services

Glass Skin Program.png

Glass Skin Program

This is a 3 month long commitment during which we will transform the health of your skin leading to a luminous, smooth & clear complexion!

Our skincare experts have seen and successfully treated it all!

We offer several different skin treatment modalities based on your specific skin type determined with a science backed skin analysis and your preferences:

Included in our GLASS SKIN PROGRAM is:


-An initial 45 min session during which your skin will be scientifically analyzed, evaluated and, together, we will develop the right treatment plan for you!

-2 laser/IPL sessions 

-1 mini Aquagold tx 

-20 units of Botox or $300-ZO skincare credit. 


Purchase now and see drastic improvement in just a few short weeks! Upon purchase, our team will contact you to schedule your first appointment at True Medical Aesthetics.

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